Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peach Blossoms

Just got back from a hastily arranged trip to the US.

Surprisingly there was still an air of CNY in me, as I had many many encounters with peach blossoms while I was there. As many times I have been in the bay area, i have never realized how many peach trees there were.

Some images that i captured:

And myself posing under the peach tree..

Maybe with some many encounter's and with me posing under the tree, i will have more 'peach blossom luck' this year? :P

Or at least, less of what's below? Ha ha ha...

Gathering of the Lee Clan

My family got together for a family vacation at Putrajaya during the last CNY. Since I had lots of siblings and loads of nieces and nephews, it was a huge entourage. 6 rooms, and 7 car loads.

We stayed at the Marriott hotel. It was a very nice and spacious but quiet hotel. Perfect for a get-away type of holiday. We spend the evenings at the pool (my nieces and nephews - 12 of them - swarmed the whole pool. It was fun seeing them play and enjoying snacks at the pool side.

In the day time, we had short excursions to 'The Eye' at Tasik Titiwangsa, KLCC, Alamanda shopping mall.

Before heading back to Ipoh, we dropped by Klang to savour the famous Bak Kut Teh. But we arrived quite late and all the famous restaurants were sold out. We had to settle for one of the smaller restaurants. It wasn't great, but since we were starving, we enjoyed it tremendously nonetheless.

Photo images...

The Eye and it's reflection forming an auspicous figure of 8

Another shot of The Eye

The famous Satay Kajang Restaurant

So many satays ready to be served

It's the sauce that makes it good

Such a long long satay stove!