Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reluctant Advertisement Carrier

Just renewed my road tax.

This is how the reverse side looks like....

Notice anything different?

To my surprise and severe annoyance, there is a huge yellow and red AmAssurance logo and advertisement on it.
I did not ask for this... Heck, I did not even buy my car insurance from them.

This is unfair to other insurance providers, not to mention reluctant folks like me. I don't want to carry any advertisement in my car. I am not driving a taxi, for goodness sake. It is a private car!

But like it or not, i have to carry this ugly advertisement for one whole year.

But why is it there in the first place? Can I charge them for carrying this advertisement? Bloody hell... they didn't even sponsor or contribute anything to my road tax or insurance premium.

What do I get in return for advertising for them? A yellow and red eye-sore, that is what.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strange things happen in the shower..

While showering today, out of nowhere, one particular song suddenly came to my mind... the theme song for Police Cadet!!! Of all things...

If any of you do remember, this was one of the hottest serial dramas when i was a kid. I think everyone from that era would remember this.

I shared this with a close friend, and guess what... the song brought back old childhood memories, and we started to search for dramas from that time.

So, here it goes... How many do you recall?

The Shell Game (Chin Wong Chee Wong)

Shanghai Bund (Siong Hoi Tan)

Friday, April 4, 2008


I'll be taking part in a Hikathon next Sunday.
It is supposed to be a 3hr hike starting from Youth Park.

As I have been leading quite a sedentary lifestyle for the past few months I am now on a tight schedule to get back in shape. So far I managed to swim 10 laps at Pisa last Tuesday.
Tomorrow will be to hike up Penang Hill (till 84). Sunday will be swimming again, this time at Pearl Garden Condo.

Will try to squeeze in one Hiking session up Bukit Jambul and a few more laps at PISA before the Hikathon challenge starts.

Wish me luck!!!