Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shopping spree....

I've been in the San Jose office since last wed. Will be here till mid of next week.

The flight from Pen-Sin-ICN-SFO was uneventful. Getting through the immigration in the US was the usual hassle... having to go through secondary inspection ever since i hv been 'marked' during my first trip here.

Except that i have been given a new INS number, as i am now tagged as a frequent INS traveller. I guess that's what you get when you get into the US three times within the last 12months.

Anyway, since i didn't have much places to go last weekend, i went on a shopping spree.
I went to the usual places... Fry's, Great Mall, Gilroy, etc.

I bought myself a pair of Timberland shoes (again!) which was on sale. Only 19.99 before tax.

I still have more shopping to do, as i still have the list from Wei Ye, Soo Sean, Chiang Mei, Wai Lee, and Shan Chong to fill. Not sure if i have enough luggage space. If not, i will hv to buy a new luggage and then divide up the cost of the luggage to each of them based on the space utilized. Good idea, huh?

I also have to take Yat Kheng around as he also has a long shopping list from his wife. Yat Kheng just arrived. I picked him up from the airport last nite.

p.s. In case you get funny ideas, my trip here is not not all play and shopping. I have serious work to do but i won't divulge any of it here due to confidentiality reasons. :p

Monday, October 15, 2007

Two weddings and a farewell...

Yup, that's what I'll be missing: Two weddings and a farewell.
I'm flying off to US tomorrow, to our office in San Jose. Will be there for ~2 weeks for a project.

While I'm there, I'll miss Soo Fung and Hock Aun's wedding in the first weekend and Yee Thung's wedding the second. From the very bottom of my heart, i wish both couples all the best.
Here's a poem to make up for me not being able to make it for your big day...

May a house of love be always yours,
May you heed each others’ wishes
May pleasures come in twos and fours
And quarrels end in kisses.

May your hearts be open with patience and love.
May your lives be filled with blessings from above.
May you always share the best that life can provide.
As you spend your lifetime together side by side.


Another event that I'll miss will be Siah's farewell. Siah's leaving the company to pursue/expand his career in Singapore.

Siah had been one of the consistent member in our out-of-office activities such as the 'makan-makan' sessions, our spur of the moment trip to Cameron Highlands, the Langkawi Treasure Hunt, Penang World Music Festival, etc...

Siah's quiet demeanour, interlaced with his sudden outburst sometimes will be missed. I for one will remember his sudden outburst; accusing us of spending time shopping for local products while he was sweating it out in the hot hot car during the Langkawi Treasure Hunt. I'm sure Chiang Mei won't forget it either. :)

Anyway last Friday nite, Soo Sean, Chiang Mei, Wei Ye and myself hosted an 'early' farewell dinner for Siah in TGIF. We really had a good time. The food was great, but the company was even better. We had good laughs over almost everything. We even got the folks at TGIF to get together and gave Siah a boisterous farewell jingle. Siah obliged us and got up onto the chair and gave an impromptu heart-felt farewell speech.. sob sob....
(Soo Sean caught a video of it... i guess we will have a good laugh over it in time to come)

For all the fun and laughter we always had when the gang gets together, I guess i would probably miss the fella...

Here's wishing Siah all the very best in his new environment.
(And as I mentioned to Siah during the dinner, we hope he'll find a gang as fun as us in Singapore. Or he'll have to find jobs for all four of us in Singapore so that we can accompany him there... ha ha ha)