Sunday, November 2, 2008

Noisy Fridge

After putting up with the annoying rattling noise from my refrigerator for so many months, i finally tried to do something about it.

So one fine Saturday morning, i pulled the fridge out and turned it around to access the back of the fridge where it noise was coming from.

As it turned out, the noise was not from the motor or compressor as I had long suspected. The rattling noise was from the vibration of the refrigerant piping when the compressor was running.

Or actually, the rattling sound was from one of the noise or vibration dampers that were placed on the piping. After so many years of operation, one of them had come loose and started rattling happily away. All it took to get rid of the noise was to shift the damper back into its place with some force to ensure that it stays there.

Simple action, big results. Now I can watch TV in peace. :)