Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fancy Dinner at KL Tower

A while back ago, I attended a fancy formal dinner at KL Tower.
It was my first time there, ever.

As I arrived at the base/entrance of the tower, I was given a VVIP tag (as part of the formal dinner). Sounds great, but is actually nothing. I was briskly shown into the lift and up we went to the top of the tower where the restaurant is.

The view at the tower was great, as expected. The night view of KL was enchanting. And I was lucky that the skies were clear that night. The tower actually rotates about 40 or 60degs every 1/2 or so. So by the time you finished dinner, you would have at least a 360deg view of KL's skyline.

Unfortunately, the food was just so-so. Large variety of offering on the buffet table, but not quite on par with other top restaurants in hotels around KL.

But the atmosphere and view more than makes up for it. But I have to say, it is very pricey. As nice as it was, I don't think I will be back there anytime soon.