Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bus Crash No More...

This link arrived at my mail box...

It is basically a commendable effort in creating awareness on the need for better and safer public transportation. Especially those plying long distance routes.

Facebook Group: In Loving Memory Of Lee Nian Ning 1987-2008

If you are aware of the incident, you would know that the story of one of the victims Lee Nian Ning is like any other. A young girl taking a long distance bus to meet her frens. Unfortunately that was to be her last trip as she perished in the incident.

Her story brings awareness to everyone on the unnecessary danger and risk on long distance buses. Her story of a normal girl perished while taking a road trip on a bus should strike everyone on how it could happen to anyone. This is not the case of some crazy motorists or Mat Rempits crashing. This is a story about how an unseemingly innocent victim lost her life through no fault of her own.

All fingers are now pointed at the driver who apparently had numerous traffic summonses to his name. While it has not been proven that he is at fault, his bad traffic record should have sounded alarm bells in the first place.

It is too much to ask or too difficult to implement a screening process for bus drivers? Malaysia claims to be a hub for ICT but we can't even implement a system to prevent persons with bad traffic record getting a license to drive public buses.

That's food for thought.

Anyway, CNY is coming and once again scores and scores of vehicle will pour onto the roads in the next few days.

I wish everyone a safe journey, and a Happy Chinese New Year.

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